Multi Best Baby Puppy in Group winner

Best Baby Puppy in Show winner

​Multi Best Puppy in Group winner

Best in Sweepstakes ALCA Specialty 2016

Multi Specialty - Best of Opposite Sex

Multi Group Winning & Placing

RBIS BOSS GCh. Ethos n Eros Pseudonym S.


From the first time I met this wee boy, he caught my eye.  Everyone had a thousand reasons why he wasn't "the one", but in MY mind he was!  I was fortunate enough that when the dust settled and puppies and homes were paired up that Pseu was available for my choosing.  He has been the absolute best fit in our home and in my heart, and there is not another I'd rather have.

Pseu(pronounced "Sue", as in Boy Named Sue by Johnny Cash) has excelled in the conformation ring and has placed in the Top 10 Whippets in Canada twice to date.  Pseu is exclusively owner handled by myself in the conformation rings.  And, as you can see above, he recently discovered his love of white plastic bags.  He currently holds his Sprinter title and has almost met the requirements for his Advanced Sprinter title.  While he certainly has the speed (ran a 100 yard sprint at 55 km/hr), ability and stamina to lure course, it has been my personal decision not to course him due to risk of injury.

Pseu is nearly 4.5 years old.  He is fully health tested (ears, eyes and echo) and is all passing.  Eyes and echo both passed in 2019.  Any inquiries regarding Pseu can be directed to me by email.  Please you the form on the Contact Page of this website.  Thank you.

CHIC #142304 - All Passing & Current

WHF #8389

Purposefully bred for form & function.

Thank you Karen LeJeune of Ethos Whippets for breeding this beautiful boy & allowing him to join our family.  Forever Grateful.

I would like to thank the following folks for their contributions to the photos and ads on this page:  Photos Now, Cathy French Photography, Bev Holoboff Photography and Niome Dubois of CDF for the ad designs.  Thank you all!

Ashemburg Reg'd. Rottweilers