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Happy 2019! - Our Recap & Visions for 2019

Whew!  2018 - Where to start!  You definitely doled out your fair share of heartache.  First, you took my best friend in the whole world in February.  I feel the loss every single day I am forced to carry on without her (and will every day for the rest of my time on Earth), thanks for that.  Then you brought on personal health scares and challenges, but that was nothing compared to losing Uzza.  In between losing Uzza and the next kick in the face, we lost far too many of our own Ashemburg bred dogs, which regardless of what anyone thinks, is soul crushing.  So, November....thanks for putting the icing on the crap cake that was 2018 by taking my Warrior and my personal hero, Wager.

2018 also held some revelations for us - some traitors,  fake friends and LOTS of true colors shone through.  So, I salute you and thank you for that clarification!  I'm too old to have people in my life who have no concept of loyalty, honesty or friendship.  I am happy to move into 2019 without that negative pull in my life.

Despite the above, 2018 tempered itself with some very bright shining, memorable moments for which I am immensely grateful....and, here they are:

1.  Reese!  Reese my special girl!  Kicked ass & took names at ARC as a junior puppy winning the HUGE 6-9 bitches sweeps class - owner handled by me!  So proud of that moment for us both and her breeders!  During the course of her 6 months in the ring she also amassed her Canadian Championship, 1/2 the required points towards her Canadian Grand Championship, a Best Puppy & Best of Opposite Sex in Specialty, a Best Puppy in Show (all breed), multiple Best Puppy in Groups, her SDDA Started & Advanced titles both with SP designations and both with GOLD scores, and her Herding Instinct Certificate.  And, to cap off her year, she was inducted into the Rottweiler Club of Canada Hall of Fame.  Way to go baby girl!  Certainly looking forward to future years with Reese in the rings and in the whelping room!  Special thanks to her breeders for entrusting her to me and to her co-owner as well.  Much love to you both!

2. Posh!  Posh, my carrier of the flame!  Posh had a record year in 2018!  She earned her SDDA Master Championship in March.  She earned her CKC RAE title in September and it was then I noticed she had a shot at the #1 Rally Rottweiler spot.  So, we took it!  She finished 2018 the #1 Rally Rottweiler (despite valiant, albeit less than honourable attempts by others to thwart her attempt) in Canada!  This placement made her our 3rd GENERATION breeder/owner handled bitch to attain this milestone (she follows her granddam Uzza and momma Fly's pawprints on that one)!  It also marks 6 of the last 8 years that an Ashemburg breeder/owner handled bitch finished #1 Rally Rottweiler in Canada :)  I am incredibly proud of my honest, hard working girls for these accomplishments!  I'm not a great trainer, and I do not profess to be, so these achievements are earned because of the work ethic and talent of my girls, not me!  Cheers, ladies - each of you is/was amazing in your own way and I will forever treasure our respective journeys together.  

3. Kizmet!  I feel eternally blessed to have this firecracker in my home!  Thank you Fly, Petra, Crestwood & Amy Hansen for this opportunity.  She is not Uzza, but she is the closest I can ever hope to come, and for that I cannot say enough Thank Yous to those responsible for her!  Kizmet won a Best Baby Puppy in Group her only weekend in the show ring in 2018.  She also earned her SDDA Started & Advanced titles with SP designations & with Gold scores on both titles.  She too earned her Herding Instinct Certificate.  We are very much looking forward to what 2019 holds for this very special girl!  Thank you Sandy for sharing her unselfishly with me <3

4. Fly!  Such an amazing worker this girl is!  I sent her to Wisconsin in March with my dear and trusted friends Tom & Sandy.  In May I met them at ARC and handled Fly in obedience, rally & conformation.  Even though we had not seen each other in 2 months (let alone trained), she did a remarkable job in all venues.  She earned her AKC RN & CD with placements in both and placed 4th in the 7-9 Veteran sweeps at the National with me on the end of her lead.  I am SO PROUD to be able to cross the border to such a prestigious event and owner handle my girls to placements in several venues!  To top off a great year, Fly earned her AKC RA title with Sandy, and was invited to the Eukanuba Invitational for both Obedience & Rally!  Did I mention Fly is almost 9?  I do believe Fly also has a good shot at RCC Top Producer for 2018!!  That award is based on titles earned by her offspring.  We are so very proud of this kid and all she has accomplished herself and those of her offspring in her limited breedings (3 total, 1 being a singleton).

5. Ruckus!  Sweet boy - I love you so!  Ruckus also attended ARC 2018 and earned his AKC RA title with owner Sandy.  He also played with me in conformation and did a great job in the breed ring.  Later in 2018 he completed his AKC RE title and I am looking forward to seeing him add some obedience titles in 2019, and to showing him at the Canadian National!

6. Pseu - Pseu, my bestest boy!  Pseu spent most of 2018 watching from the sidelines, aside from finding joy in Sprinters.  He earned his Sprinter Novice title his first weekend trialing, and 1/2 the points required for his Sprinter title his 2nd weekend.

Looking forward to 2019, our plans focus mainly on south of the border.  We are looking for American Championships for Pseu & Reese and more AKC rally titles for Posh.  At the moment our main Canadian focus will be the RCC National, however, don't count on not seeing Reese out besides that ;)  We also hope to complete her Canadian Grand Championship.

Aside from that, I look forward to pursuing my judging in both SDDA & CKC scent detection. It is unlikely 2019 will see us put a litter on the ground.  We have goals & health testing to complete on our youngsters in 2019, and really no desire to add any puppies or homes to our family at this time.

We would like to say a special Thank you & appreciation to our loyal and dedicated puppy families, our amazing veterinary care crew and our friends who've stood by us.  Each of you is invaluable & so very treasured.  You each hold a special place in our hearts.  We wish you all a happy, healthy & prosperous 2019 filled with much love & joy!

Peace all!


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