Kizmet at 3 months of age

KIzmet is the singleton puppy from our Petra x Fly breeding.  This is a breeding I waited over 10 years to do.  She is named Kizmet as she was truly "meant to be".  Kizmet is a double up on my heart dog Uzza, and I am so excited to see what her future holds and to enjoy every moment with her watching her grow and learn.

She is already a Best Baby Puppy in Group winner and is excelling her in scent detection training.  She was started on scent as a young puppy and is picking it up very quickly.  Before her first birthday Kizmet earned her SDDA Started and Advanced titles both with SP designations and both with Gold scores!  We are now working on tackling Excellent.

Kizmet is co-owned with Sandy Jaecks.

6 months

​​Meet Kizmet's parents!  

BBPIG ​Ashemburg's Kizz My Frozen Asset SD-A-SP HIC


Head shot - 14 months of age

Ashemburg Reg'd. Rottweilers

1 year